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Are You Ready?

Step Into a Powerful Transformational Journey 

Have you been on a self discovery journey, doing the work, diving deep into your issues and traumas, stepping into forgiveness, taking responsibility for where your life is right now, and yet it still feels like nothing is changing?

  • Feeling like you're just about done, had enough, hit the wall? 
  • Have you tried the diets, joined the gym, done the dating site thing? 
  • Are you miserable at your job?
  • Do you feel like the toxic relationships around you are slowly suffocating you? 
  • Has your personal journey included binging on self-development books, seminars or podcasts. Constantly looking for an answer that is just so freaking elusive?

Ultimately, The Journey is for you if, and when, you feel like you've lost your way and yet you know, deep down that you're here to be, and do, SOMETHING different! This is a deep personal transformation process to help you discover YOU!

We have been so conditioned to believe we are not enough and we are somehow lacking, that we have allowed ourselves to forget how to listen to that small, quiet voice within our hearts, you know, the one that's constantly being drowned out by the chaotic noise of our monkey mind!

A little too much right now? No worries, this isn't for everyone! Check out The Question Journey book for a slower flow:)

This may be exactly what you've been waiting for. 

The Process

As a Shaman, Intuitive, Empath and Certified Angel Guide, Trish will guide you through the process of discovering your own answers. If you're ready to truly face what is holding you back and choose your Destiny, this process is for you!   

The Journey generally takes 4 weeks, however, we work at your pace and flow. It will require 30-60 minutes of your time each day.

This is an intense and very personal deep dive into exploring your greatest fears and opening yourself up to the possible.

Your Role: 

  • To allow yourself the gift of listening to, well, yourself!
  • To engage Trish throughout the journey as needed to move through blocks that come up along the way.

My Role: 

  • To hold space for you throughout The Journey.
  • To support you and help you to see what you're not seeing so you can shift past your blocks.
  • To share messages with you that I receive from Spirit.
Yes, I'm so Freaking Ready for This!


"First let me say that this journey, this experience, had unforeseen and profound value for me. I believe it has the potential to be helpful to anyone, no matter what season of your life you are in.  I imagine some would be drawn to explore The Question Journey in times of difficulty or darkness.  Perhaps you might have been drawn here in a time of confusion or longing.  Personally, I entered the experience primarily in a place of curiosity.  In the beginning, I honestly wondered if my low-stakes position would limit the overall impact of my experience.  WOW!  I was blown away. 
I explored parts of my past and of my present that I had not expected.  I found closure and gratitude and excitement in unexpected places.  I discovered a deep understanding around career choices, relationships and past decisions that I didn't even realize were still lingering in the background.   I found new perspective and fresh air.  All this in the better part of a week.  
While most of my journey and much of the work was independent and private, Trish's role can not be undervalued. She struck a beautiful balance of being insightful, available and invested in my experience while respecting any boundaries or space I needed.
Thank you to The Question Journey and to Trish.  I have recommended exploring The Question Journey to many of my loved ones and I would encourage you to consider it as well." ~Bobby Robidoux

Where We'll Journey!

The South

What do you need to let go of? We start in the South by shedding what is no longer serving you.

The West

What fears do you need to face? Let the Jaguar guide you as you release what is holding you back.

The North

What wisdom is waiting for you now that you've let go of what's been holding you back? 

The East

What are you choosing to step into? Choose your destiny by 'seeing' what is next for you.

Yep! I'm So Totally In!


"Like many people, I've done a lot of work but still felt stuck and wondered how I kept creating this crap. Trish reminded me that she offers this process and WOW.

I feel so light and expansive! 

The feeling of having my foot on the gas and the brake at the same time is totally gone. The process was easy, if weird. Trish is very intuitive and offered guidance to move through it. I started feeling shifts right away and real life changes are already happening. I applied for a new job, had my first interview, and a second interview lined up during the journey process!

My advice for the process: don't think. You're going to get weird inklings about what should go into it. Just go with it and send Trish update pics when you add or remove things. Stay open and enjoy the ride.

Highly recommend!" ~Melanie, Alberta

Not Ready?

No worries! This is NOT for everyone! In addition, I only take on 3 Journey clients per month, so there may be a waitlist. When you are ready, I'll be here. Until then, The Question Journey book is a great way to get started! You can also scroll down just a bit more and subscribe so I can send you more information about the process and how to sign up. 

Actually, I Am Absolutely Ready!

I'd like to learn more about The Journey


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