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3 Month Boot Camp for Corporate Leaders


For 20 people, you are going to discover the tactical energetic tools and processes that are going to transform you into the leader you know you are meant to be. But more importantly, you're going to transform your team into a group of people who: 
  • Freaking LOVE coming to work everyday
  • Will kill it day in and day out because they WANT you and their team to be successful
  • Structure themselves to leverage individual strengths and support individual challenge areas for maximum efficiency
  • Trust each other implicitly - when some commits to getting something done they get it done or they've communicated otherwise so there are no unexpected whammies
  • Respect, support and encourage each other
  • Ask for help
  • Are highly coachable
  • Are willing to do whatever it takes for the good of the team
  • Are in total flow, navigating daily issues like water over rocks
  • Step into the difficult conversations because they know they need to in order to maintain the health of the team you've created
Yes! This is for YOU. You are ABSOLUTELY capable of being THAT leader!
My bandwidth is 20 spots ONLY for this 3 Month Boot Camp and I'll be working with you in groups of 10 to ensure you receive maximum focus as you learn these new tools.
If you’re serious as hell about shifting out of being a manager, or you're already a leader and are ready to take your leadership capabilities to the next level, book your spot now!
I’m looking for people who truly and authentically care about showing up to be the leader their team needs. Being a leader is a huge responsibility and you need to understand that people reporting to you is not the same as people 'choosing' to follow you. Which kind of leader do you want to be?
We’re going to start a revolution. A legacy of leadership that will transform how we do business AND not only get results, but blow your current results out of the water...starting with you.
I'll be sharing powerful tools in this program (no, I'm not joking!) that I'm intending you are going to use for everyone's highest good. If that's not your intention, then this is not for you. I will be interviewing all potential members to ensure you are aligned with the intention of this program.
That said, if you're ready to level up and step into owning your power as a leader, these skills will rock your world.
Contact me if you'd like to do a pre-interview so we can sense each other’s vibe and intentionally decide to move forward or not. NOTE: If you purchase today to lock in your spot and we are not a match your funds will be returned to you no problem. This program is not for everyone.


What People Are Saying:

“I couldn't imagine a better mentor and coach than Trish. Trish and I worked together for six months in an Everwise mentor program, and from our very first conversation, I knew I was lucky to have her on my side. We met frequently, discussed work challenges and new communication strategies, and debriefed on new approaches to cross-company collaborations. Throughout, Trish was direct, honest and supportive, and as a result, she has left me a much stronger leader than when we first met. I am so grateful to Trish, and only hope that she continues to mentor in professional programs because others should also get to benefit from her generosity and talent.”

Lisa Rothrauff, Director of Training and Customer Education - Zendesk

“You know when you have that feeling of something isn’t quite right? Or when something is missing? Or maybe when it’s when you know you should do something but you're not sure what? Trish lives by this leadership quality...it’s the quality of trusting your intuitive feeling and digging as deep as you need to go to discover the truth. Trish is a genius at coaching leaders, executives and teams to discover this innate ability within themselves and learn to trust it, and follow it to the end. She will help you discover the answers that stir within to find the solutions that are needed. She is compassionate. She is brave, and she is trustworthy to help you take the journey. Follow it!”

Kraig Kidd

“A good leader acknowledges that surrounding yourself with smart and capable people is an asset, not a threat" (oh how I wish there were more of those)! Very frankly, Trish, what I miss most about your style is the openness and willingness to share anything you could with us. Transparency breeds trust and respect which makes people want to perform better. Secrecy and poor communication breeds the opposite.”

Doug Eagle

“Being part of a high performance team means there is room for conflict, open and honest dialogue between the team members and the leader. Your style encouraged us to disagree, but at the end of it, we knew we could still move forward and work together. Not being allowed to speak your mind or be honest just builds resentment, disrespect and erodes trust. We have some of that back, but the expectation to be shiny, happy people gets tiring and does nothing to move the organization forward.”

Steve Gatzke

“The best way I could describe having a Rock Star Leader is this - they gather a following when they hit the stage - the right following.  The audience they build are those that are behind the long-term best interest of the company.  Having a Rock Star on your team will also surface those in the company that are driven by self-interest - why, because the Rock Star raises the bar cross-departmentally to work together to do the right things at the right time for the betterment of the company as a whole.  The Rock Star understands getting things does means auditioning to get the right band members on the team; and pushes each to solo in every song, never looking for credit by building a culture of team wins and record hits.  The momentum catches, and the team(s) are looking for the next mountain to conquer (they individually can't wait to get to work and are always supportive of their co-workers).  I would say that for a company to create a long-term sustainable competitive advantage - this is a key element to achieve long-term shareholder value.”

Tim Prosser, VP Finance