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Seeing the Unseen

I teach leaders how to  create massive transformations in personal, team and organizational performance by integrating energetic information.


My Mission: To heal our corporate work environments one leader at a time.

Is This for Me?

Great question! I'm all about honouring your time and mine, so let's get down to the nitty gritty on this.

Do you...

...see huge potential in your team but haven't been able to get them there?
...have projects or ideas that have been floundering in churn for months or even years and you can't get any traction?
...'sense' or 'get a feeling' about things but struggle to articulate it or you aren't sure what to do with it, especially if you can't see tangible evidence of what you sense?
...'see' or 'sense' things that are coming on the horizon but can't get buy in from others?
...feel that others don't see you as the leader you believe you are (or want to be)?
...struggle to figure out who's a champion and who's a saboteur?
If these questions resonate with you, keep reading and watch the videos below to learn more. 

What You Need to Know About Me Before You Continue 

I am not going to try to convince you of anything. I am super conscious of where I spend my time and energy. I'm also very conscious that if you choose to spend your time and money with me, you need to get value from the work we do.
I prefer to work with resonance - does this feel right, good and exciting for you? What I have to share with you will either resonate...or it won't. I want to work with people who truly WANT to do this work. That alignment of energy is where the magic happens. 
Watch this quick video to make sure we're both on the same page:)

What the Heck is an Energy Integration Coach?

Discover what an Energy Integration Coach is and why you need one!
This work is all about integration. Understanding the theory of it is not going to get you real-world results. Have you ever taken some training and felt like you've made some huge internal transformational shifts only to have others continue to describe you as the person you 'used' to be? It's like that! This happens when there isn't cellular level integration of the shift you experienced. You 'got it' in your mind, but in order to realize the results, you need to integrate it and embody it fully. This work is not about the standalone A-HA moments, its about what you do with them that creates true transformation.
I'm In! Let's Do This!

How I Use Energetic Information as a High Performance Leader

I learned as a child how to use energetic information and I trust that information implicitly. I would say I use my ability to read and interpret energetic information 80% of the time, all day, everyday, to guide my actions, areas of focus and decisions. Click the video to learn more! 
That is So Cool! I Want to Learn More!

Kraig Kidd, Health & Wellness Coach

"You know when you have that feeling of something isn’t quite right? Or when something is missing?  Or maybe when it’s when you know you should do something but you're not sure what? Trish lives by this leadership quality...it’s the quality of trusting your intuitive feeling and digging as deep as you need to go to discover the truth.  Trish is a genius at coaching leaders, executives and teams to discover this innate ability within themselves and learn to trust it, and follow it to the end.  She will help you discover the answers that stir within to find the solutions that are needed. She is compassionate. She is brave, and she is trustworthy to help you take the journey. Follow it!" 

So What?

Too many of our workplaces are sick, toxic and fear-based. The responsibility for that lives with the leaders. As a leader I take this responsibility very seriously. This video explains my why. This is hugely important work and is so needed in the world right now. The ripple effect will be huge. I would challenge you as a leader to say this isn't also YOUR why!
YES! I'm Totally On Board - Sign Me Up!

Steve Gatzke, Former Team Member

"Being part of a high performance team means there is room for conflict, open and honest dialogue between the team members and the leader. Your style encouraged us to disagree, but at the end of it, we knew we could still move forward and work together. Not being allowed to speak your mind or be honest just builds resentment, disrespect and erodes trust. We have some of that back, but the expectation to be shiny, happy people gets tiring and does nothing to move the organization forward." 


This is NOT for everyone! If you're still stuck in your ego and do not yet believe that high performance leadership comes from empowering your team and facilitating their success, then you may not be ready for this work yet.
If you can't wait to get into this membership to start debating the scientific merits of energetic information and that's your only driver, you are also not a fit.
I'm not here to convince you of anything, I'm here to provide you with a powerful leadership toolkit. Your success is dependent on coming with an open heart and open mind!
I Authentically Want to Create Massive Transformation

Lisa Rothrauff

Director, Training and Customer Education at Zendesk

"I couldn't imagine a better mentor and coach than Trish. Trish and I worked together for six months in an Everwise mentor program, and from our very first conversation, I knew I was lucky to have her on my side. We met frequently, discussed work challenges and new communication strategies, and debriefed on new approaches to cross-company collaborations. Throughout, Trish was direct, honest and supportive, and as a result, she has left me a much stronger leader than when we first met. I am so grateful to Trish, and only hope that she continues to mentor in professional programs because others should also get to benefit from her generosity and talent."

The Energy Integration Coaching 3 Month Boot Camp

This isn't the only way to become the leader you need to be to create massive transformation in your organization, however, if what you've read and heard so far resonates with you, at the cost of just a little over a fancy drink at Starbucks (and a treat:) a day, what do you have to lose?

Weekly Energy Tool or Process

Each week you'll receive a new energetic tool, insight or practice and all content will be available all the time! Modules will range from 10-15 minutes each, making them quick and easy to watch or listen to at your convenience.


Weekly Group Coaching Call

This is where the integration starts to happen. In a team of no more than 10 we work through your specific questions and situations and help you to see when and how the tactical results are showing up with you and your team.


Private Community

This is a private location right within the membership community where you can post questions, ask for ideas on how to handle a situation and engage with other Energy Integration Team members. Stay connected throughout the week!


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Are You Ready?

The world needs amazing leadership. It needs people like you to choose to use every weapon in your arsenal to empower your teams and create transformations that result in outstanding performance. If you're ready - click below and let's get started!

I'm In!