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Are you looking for the skills and knowledge that will give you an edge? Here's a hint...you already have them!

Have you recognized that old school leadership no longer works?

Are you taking courses, workshops and programs that provide great insights but aren't helping you get the traction and results you're looking for?

I'm Trish Bishop, author of The Question Journey, a High Performance Leader, Empath and Intuitive. I'm at the point in my life and career where I want to share and give back all the knowledge and experience I've been so blessed to acquire throughout my career. Take a look below and see if anything speaks to you. 

My mission is to heal our corporate work environments one leader at a time!

I am so excited for the opportunity to be in service to you! ~Trish

Energy Integration Coaching

A program and community for leaders who want to create massive transformation for themselves, their teams and their organization by integrating the ability to read and interpret energetic information.

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Rock Star Boot Camp

A program for anyone 15 years or older who want to learn the skills that will set them up for lifelong success - and, no, they don't teach these skills in school! 

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The Journey

This is for those of you who have already been doing the work, diving deep into your issues and traumas, stepped into forgiveness, taken responsibility for your life but are not seeing the changes.

I'm So Freaking Ready!

Who is Trish?

Trish was introduced to what it means to be part of a high performance team when she helped launch the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Canada that was also the first ISP to go public. She laughingly says she used to try to convince people email would be a good idea someday! However, being part of that high performance team led Trish to seek out high performance cultures until she decided it was simply easier to create them herself. 

Now a Director of Client Services in IT, Trish has developed 6 high performance teams throughout her career. She credits her success to 2 things:

1. her leadership philosophy, "True power comes from empowering others" ~Denis Waitley

2. her ability to read and interpret energetic information (call it intuition, gut instinct, spidey sense, it's all the same thing!) 

Trish is now an Energy Integration Coach helping leaders create massive transformation by learning to read and interpret energetic information. She is also the author of The Question Journey, a powerful book of questions that most people want to avoid because they know these questions will mean change! 

Trish currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with her husband and has 2 amazing children who have now flown the coop!

All photos of Trish throughout the site are courtesy of Marny Barnes


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